Want to buy used cars in Cardiff and surrounding areas

eople are under the illusion that brand new cars are the way forward and that buying a used car is not ‘good enough’. Don’t worry if you think like this too – we don’t blame you. The sharp rise in finance options being readily available means that people think that buying or leasing a new car is the only way they are guareenteed value for money. However, what they don’t know is that they will pay a considerable amount more for the car when in actual fact, buying a used car will be equally as good and save them a considerable amount of money.

It’s important to go with a car dealership in Cardiff that will advise on the best option for their customer. We don’t work by pushing deals through and generating a ‘quick sale’. If you are looking for finance options then they are available and they can be beneficial depending on your circumstances.


Car dealership you can rely on

If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a new car, there is no reason for you to feel disheartened. At M.R Car Sales, we are a fully equipped garage servicing company that sells used cars.

All our cars go through a thorough examination and quality check for your peace of mind and convenience. We understand your requirements and recommend cars that are the most suitable for your needs and budget. For details about our car sales, visit our page on Gumtree.

Why should you buy used cars from us

  • MOT certified vehicles
  • Professional vehicle diagnostics
  • Complete vehicle testing
  • Discount on the monthly vehicle service
  • Free advice on how to maintain the purchased vehicle
Feel free to visit our garage to view our wide variety of used cars. Our cars are value for money and you’ll feel just like you’re buying a new one.


Are you looking for a reliable used car to suit your budget? M.R Car Sales

is your local car dealership company which helps you choose a car that suits all your requirements.